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First Challenge and Weigh in a huge success

firstchallenge0542Congratulations must go to every single Greatest Loser Challenger after this weekend.  Loads of kgs and cm’s were lost by all in a great display of discipline and committment over the last 3 weeks.  The title of Greatest Loser for this 3 weeks is Caroline McCreery-Well Done and in second place was Cathy Schwager-Well Done to you also.

The First Challenge was also a great success.  I just can’t put into words how proud and impressed I was with the way that you all tackled the course and challenges put before you.  A month ago, I don’t think you would have even attempted it and I hope you are proud of yourselves and that this shows you that you can do anything if you give it a go.

Black team were the eventual winners, but only by 15 seconds over the Red Team.  I think Red are determined to win next time and are not letting Nick Weaver onto the Black Team again.

So what’s next?

This week (4th of challenge) is going to be full on at Bootcamp.  We are going to blast those legs, that core and those upper bodies till they ache.  I want you to do at least 5 workouts this week (remember only Home Workouts and Bootcamps count) but to aim for 6.  I am running 7 Bootcamps myself and Tania and Brian also get together with some other Bootcampers on a Friday night at the Hockey oval at 5.30pm.  I think there are some others who also get together on a Wednesday evening as well, so check the forum for details.  I think Betina should be able to put you up to speed with that one.

You have no excuses-not kids, not work, not school, nothing-do Home Workouts if you have to!

The following week (week 5) is going to be a bit of a recovery week.  As most of you know, I am going on school camp from Tuesday to Friday.  Greg is still going to run Wednesday and Friday Bootcamps as per usual, Tania will still have hers and I am organising with Greta to do the evening ones at her place on her tennis court (yeah no bindies)  I will be writing up all the sessions before I go.  They will still be intense, but just a bit shorter to work in with the recovery week.  I will be home for the Monday and Saturday ones as usual.  I want you all to cut out one workout that week.  (yes even you Betina and Ange)  4 workouts only!!!!!  They still have to be FitterFaster Home Workouts or Bootcamps, but I want you all to take the recovery week.  This is an order.  I will remind you of this and give you more details later this week.

So let’s all put in a super effort this week-6 FitterFaster Workouts-none the same, do not do the same Home Workout more than once.

Again well done to you all and let’s keep the results coming.  Stay committed to the Nutritional plan, keep working out hard and don’t use any excuses.


PS I am working on the next challenge as we speak. (just thought I would scare you all-LOL)


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