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Operation Storm Force update

I did workout 3 today after Bootcamp.  Boy am I feeling it in my legs.  I was also gasping for air. 

Total time taken 29mins 36sec of jumping lunges, KB thrusters, pushups, burpees, jumps(over step) and skipping.  Also had to do 175 KB swings with the 16kg KB to start with.

Workout 2 consisted of a KB circuit of 5 different exercises, 6 reps of each with the 12kg KB completed 6 times through with 30 secs rest between each set.  Then a total of 150 KB swings (16kg KB) alternated with high knee, fast skipping.  Sweating or what!!  I did that one on Wednesday evening.

These workouts are tough, but I love it.  All using stuff I already do, but it is fantastic to have someone else giving the orders and doing the thinking.  Having to time myself and then report the times also keeps me moving and not taking extra rests-not that I would anyway LOL

I can really feel it working already.  Remember that consistency is the key to getting results.  This is working for you because:

  • You train regularly and consistently
  • You train with intensity-no dreaming away on the treadmill
  • You push yourself in the group sessions(adds to intensity)
  • You eat healthy food
  • You are accountable to someone and that helps you stick to it

I am so proud of all of you Bootcampers, so keep up the great work.  I will see you Greatest Loser Challengers this weekend for your weigh in.  (I did 3 weigh ins yesterday and the results so far are fantastic)



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