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Storm Force Challenge Day one

Well I got through the test set this morning in 30 mins and 11secs.  I’m not allowed to reveal all the details yet, but it consisted of a run time trial, jump rope and burpees.  All done without resting and of course as fast as I could go.  I was buggered at the end.   Those last few burpees were getting hard-what an understatement.

What’s on your training schedule today Bootcampers? 

Remember we have our 30 minutes session on tonight behind the YMCA at 5.35pm.  This is a fast paced session, with short (or almost nonexistant) rest breaks.  We really keep moving to make the most of the shorter time frame.  Be prepared to sweat!!

Greatest Loser Challengers- are you on pace for 6 Bootcamps and/or Home Workouts this week?   Have you done the Bonus workout every day so far this week?  This will make a real difference to your fitness levels and in turn your fat loss.  Get up 20 mins earlier (unless you do 6am Bootcamp) and that will give you time to get dressed, warm up, do the Bonus workout and cooldown.  Then do Bootcamp or your Home Workout later in the day. 

If you do attend Bootcamp at 6am, make time for the Bonus workout later in the day.  Maybe while the kids are training or swimming or whatever they do, or maybe while tea is in the oven.  What about as soon as you get home from work, before you start anything else.  The only time I would not advise is in the hour or so before bed at night.  Sometimes working out that late can hinder good sleep.  But if that is not a problem for you, go for it then if that’s the only time you can fit it in.

What about your nutrition plan?  This goes for everyone not just Greatest Loser Challengers.  Are you eating non processed foods only?  Are you choosing serving sizes appropriately and eating every 2-3 hours?  Including protein with every meal or snack?  Drinking 1.5 litres of water every day plus what you drink while training?  Are you supplementing with Omega 3 oils (fish oils and flaxseed oil?)

All of these things combined together are going to give you the best results.  You cannot out train a bad diet!!!!  Remember this!  You cannot just do extra training because you eat rubbish.  This is a myth.  Rubbish is more than just extra calories that you need to burn off.  If effects your body in more ways than that-BIG TIME!!!

And vice versa, you cannot get great, permanent results unless you train hard and often.  Sorry to burst the bubble, but if you want to look fit and healthy there are no shortcuts or cheats. 


Goodluck and remember to email me with any questions you have.  And dont forget to join the Forum.  You dont need to be in the Greatest Loser Challenge or even attending FitterFaster Bootcamp to join and it’s free.


And please record your Home Workouts and Bonus Workouts at the forum too.  It will really help others who are struggling with excuses to know that you are managing to fit it in.bootcamp-hockey-oval-033


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