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Me before my 12 week challenge

I am so excited.  I am entering a 12 week challenge of my own. 

For the past month or so, I have pretty much been coasting along with my fitness goals while I have been working hard on getting FitterFaster up and running smoothly.  The Greatest Loser Challenge took a lot of time to set up as well.

I received an email from Jon Le Tocq a few days ago looking for guinea pigs for a new fitness program he is writing.  He wants to test it out on a few ‘test dummies’ as he called us at one stage before he puts it on the market. 

Each week, each participant will receive the next week’s workouts via email and will have to post photos and comments on their blog.  I have received the first week’s workouts-they look pretty intense.  They are very similar to the sort of stuff I do now on my own, but this will get me back on focus to work out more consistently at the level I should have been training at for the past month.  Instead of fitting in one or two high level workouts each week, I will now be committed to doing 5 plus. 

I really am looking forward to doing this.  I haven’t set goals like this for a while and I can’t wait to start.  In fact, I did one of next week’s workouts yesterday with Greg.  It was great, check the forum for more details.

So here are my before shots and measurements.  (Jon wants us to post new ones every week)

Weight: 57.8kg  Waist:70cm  Hips:93.5cm  R Thigh:55cm



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