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Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my first post at ‘wordpress’  I have transferred over to this blogging platform as the functionality is supposed to be much improved.

We have had a great start to The Greatest Loser Challenge.  FitterFaster Bootcampers have been turning up in droves.  Around 18-20 participants at every session.  You have all been working super hard as well.  I think the larger group provides more motivation for you all.

Last night at the back of the YMCA we had our shorter Bootcamp session.  Lots of running, sandbag work and of course our favourite Mountain Climbers.  A short but intense session.  Well worth making the time to come to if you can.  We start at about 5.35pm to give you time to get there after work.

This morning we trained under lights at my place.  Again a fantastic effort from all.  We worked really hard doing some difficult combinations.  An extra long tyre drag segment was testing, but you all got through it and will be better for it.  It is a great exercise to strengthen not only your legs, but also your hips, butt and calves.  W

We also used the sandbags again and incorporated the usual jump rope, tyre leg switches and for those who left early, you missed the squat jumps and the T-push ups to side plank hold.

Well that’s enough for now, till next time, make sure you visit the forum

Go girls!!

Go girls!!

 and join the discussions.



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